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Czech is everywhere: someone needs to make themselves understood in a store or a restaurant, someone wants to decline an insidious Czech word, while someone is just willing to improve their writing and speaking skills.

We are ready to help everyone without any exceptions! Moreover, you’ll make use of your knowledge right away. What a surprise for your Czech mates!

In case you’re not sure about your level, our free placement test is at your disposal.


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Zápis do kurzu

Czech for foreigners Beginners

Thursday 19:10-20:40

24.1. - 25.4.


3080 Kč

Czech for foreigners Intermediate

Tuesday 17:30-19:00

5.2. - 7.5.


3080 Kč

Czech conversation course

Tuesday, 19:10-20:40

5.2. - 7.5.


2200 Kč