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„Anna is precise in meeting deadlines.”

Cooperation with Anna Sidelnikova was a very pleasant experience. Above all we appreciated her professional approach, diligent preparation for particular sessions of interpreting, excellent ability to improvise and being precise in observing deadlines.

Independent Ecological Social Movement - NESEHNUTÍ

„Lessons were professional.”

The lecturer Anna Sidelnikova was swift and reliable in picking topics, very well prepared for every lesson, lessons were professional, versatile and entertaining, fulfilling our requests. She often picked topics based on our specific requirements and had no issues helping with translation even beyond the time reserved for lessons.

LETIŠTĚ BRNO a.s. (Brno Airport), Lawyer

„Thanks to homeworks we were practicing even at home!”

Russian lessons with Anna have a friendly atmosphere and each lesson incorporates grammar, exercises and discussion. Thanks to homeworks we were practicing even at home! Besides significant improvements to my Russian, lessons with Anna have also broadened my horizons because I have learnt lots of interesting things about traditions, culture and people living in Russia.


„Learning through games.”

Since I work in a bank owned by Russians and there is an increase in the amount of Russian clients, I have decided to brush up my knowledge of my Russian and enrich my banking vocabulary. A coleague has introduced me to Anna and it was therefore simple for me to contact her. A huge advantage was that Anna has been willing to come to our facility and adapt to our work schedule. Our group accomodated 5-6 people which was ideal for the lessons. I really liked the opportunity for mutual verbal communication between the students and learning through games. The course lasted approximately 2 years and today I have no issues communicating with Russian clients in writing.


„I very much liked the way how Anna managed to explain a lot of things about local culture to us.”

I’ve been staying in Brno for 2 weeks. As part of our program, we’ve visited different non-profit institutions and organizations and taken part in various trainings. Anna Sidelnikova has accompanied us as an interpreter throughout our whole stay and she’s done a great job. All the day long she managed to interpret and answer the questions that our group had during meetings. Besides our scheduled meetings that lasted for the whole day, she also interpreted during lunches and dinners. I very much liked the way how Anna managed to explain a lot of things about local culture to us. She is very attentive and diligent, and she always gave us helpful advice.

a journalist from Georgia

„I have also learnt not to be afraid of speaking.”

Anna's course of Russian has taught me more than Russian language itself. I have brushed up basics from school and I have also learnt not to be afraid of speaking. Homeworks have broadened my horizons in various areas, I have acquired new information about culture, banking and day-to-day life in Russia - naturally in Russian.


„Anna is a positively thinking person with professional approach to her job.”

Anna did a great job fulfilling our request for entertaining lessons. Lessons are diverse and include activities that practise various skills. Anna focuses on areas that the client needs the most and practises them on a regular basis. Anna is a positively thinking person with professional approach to her job.

International Education Society Ltd., Office Manager

„One of the few courses in the first term of Russian studies that actually makes sense.”

The course has definitely helped me with pronounciation and miss Sidelnikova was a very good tutor. In my opinion she clearly has the ability to teach - explain the topic, get interest, correctly plan the lesson, assign homework, pick what is important and not waste time with details and complex topics - which unfortunately many college tutors lack. The tutor is adequatly strict and helpful and able to listen to student's requirements, as well as able to maintain a certain insight. From my point of view her lectures were very beneficial and I consider them to be among the most meaningful and pleasant during my studies.

Student evaluation of "Practice in Russian Phonetics" course
Masaryk University, Faculty of Arts

„I have learned new information about Russian life and culture.”

I started to take Anna's course because of my colleague's recommendation, since I work in a Russian bank and the communication with Russian speaking clients has become more and more frequent. The lessons were in the form of conversation and homeworks required us to prepare papers on various topics. Thanks to Anna I have quickly "renewed" basics from school and learnt new information about day to day life and customs in Russia. I highly recommend lessons with Anna.


„Anna is an optimistic person and a great teacher.”

During a yearlong course with Anna we have learned complex grammar rules and have significantly expanded our vocabulary. Anna is an optimistic person and a great teacher. She is professional and patient. If you want to start learning Russian or brush up your knowledge, I highly recommend choosing Anna Sidelnikova.

Zebra Technologies Brno

„I have relatively quickly "refreshed" my Russian.”

I have started using Russian at work where more and more Russian clients started to seek our services. I needed to brush up my school knowledge. Lessons were very helpful and professionally led. On top of that there was a friendly atmosphere. Besides grammar, we have also learnt a lot about Russian culture and many interesting facts about Russian day-to-day life. I have relatively quickly "refreshed" my Russian thanks to "homeworks" and exercises. I definitely benefit from the course which was led in an understandable and entertaining way. I can only recommend.


„Every lesson was original and "tailored”

I have taken Anna's lessons of buisiness Russian for 1 year at B2-C1 level. Every lesson was original and "tailored". In case we came across an ambiguous thing, during the next lesson Anna explained and practiced the related grammar with us. Anna leads lessons professionally, the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. I highly recommend.

Zebra Technologies Brno, Partner Support Specialist

„Despite being a Russian native speaker, she also speaks Czech perfectly.”

The cooperation with lecturer Anna Sidelnikova was very good, she took her job in a responsible way and tried hard to teach us the language. Despite being a Russian native speaker, she speaks Czech perfectly, which simplified explanation and therefore we would like to thank her for her awesome and patient attitude. We know that it was not easy with us because we have only had a limited amount of time for the course. We would also like to thank her for her willingness to reschedule lessons. Our schedule was very variable.

LETIŠTĚ BRNO a.s. (Brno Airport), Lawyer

„Russian lessons were well targeted towards the activities of our company.”

Cooperation with lecturer Anna Sidelnikova during Russian lessons was smooth and professional, including organization of the lessons, high flexibility and a great attitude towards students. Russian lessons were well targeted towards the activities of our company, expansion of vocabulary and quick orientation in the language.

LETIŠTĚ BRNO a.s. (Brno Airport), Assistant director