Rozřazovací test – angličtina

Doplňte chybějící údaj. Pouze jedna odpověď je správná!

1. The Earth _______ around the Sun.


2. Can you close the window, please? ________ frosty outside.


3. We usually have _________ at about 7.00 pm.


4. In most Russian cities ________ every winter.


5. I didn’t have ________ money to pay my bills.


6. Oslo is ___________ capital city in Europe.


7. I have very _________ time now.


8. They __________ to this house in 1997.


9. If I _________ to that party, I wouldn’t have met my wife.


10. He was ______ tired and hungry when he arrived home..


11. After the New Year party there was confetti _________ the house.


12. I think this car is the best ________ the world.


13. When I was at primary school, I _______ wear a uniform.


14. ______ us about your holiday. Did you have a good time?


15. Your pullover isn’t the same colour _______ mine.


16. Nowadays Thailand is one of the world’s ________ holiday destinations.


17. Where is the book _______ I lent you last month?


18. My friends and I used ______ more often when we were studying at university.


19. If people _______, what possibilities would it open to them?.


20. Children need to be taught that they can do things _______ themselves.


21. There is _______ left in the fridge – we’ll have to eat out!


22. It’s a good idea to improve your language skills by ________ films in original with subtitles.


23. ________ with family members can lead to interpersonal problems.


24. There is no point _______ to make friends sitting at home.


25. I would rather you ________ me later.


26. She was on the verge _______ when she heard the news about her dog.


27. – John’s coming to see you. – _______ ?


28. It’s been a long time since you _______ him.


29. He’s about to graduate from the university, ________ ?


30. _______ have more problems with your computer, don’t hesitate to contact us.


31. If you _______ into consideration my views, you ______ suffering now.


32. What you should _______ was to apologise, but it’s too late.


33. He purchased a(n) _______ vase for her for their anniversary.


34. We’d better not stay in that motel, _________ ?


35. He couldn’t remember where he ____ his car.


36. “I don’t want to rent a horror film.” “____do I.”


37. They’ve lived in the same house ____ forty years.


38. What ____ at nine o’clock last night? I tried to ring you, but there was no reply.


39. Please drive more ____. We’re near a school.


40. Students ____ talk during the exam. It’s against the rules.


41. I can’t go out ____ I finish my maths homework.


42. If I ____ you, I wouldn’t go on holiday until after my exams.


43. The exams are next month. You ____ a timetable next week.


44. Unfortunately, Jim doesn’t get ____ his parents very well.


45. ____ the plane departed late, we arrived in Hawaii on time.


46. The film is a ____ and it’s so funny, you won’t stop laughing.


47. Don’t throw ____ your mobile phone! You can recycle it.


48. My parents have moved to a ____ just outside the city.


49. When I was at school, I learnt lots of poems by ____.


50. _____ lending me your bike this weekend?